Ocean Cargo Containers

Used ocean cargo containers can be utilized for one-way shipping as “shipper’s own containers” and frequently are converted to warehousing at the ultimate destination. Containers are available in export shipping condition; weather tight, cargo worthy and CSC plated for international transportation.
Ocean cargo containers – new or used, are also ideal for static ground storage. The containers are watertight, safe, secure and lockable. Utilizing containers are an economical way to add warehouse space or to transport equipment or supplies between different sites and locations.

The most common sizes of containers are (L x W x H): 20′ x 8′ x 8’6″ or 40′ x 8′ x 8’6″ or high cube 9’6″ high. The containers are made of steel with plywood floors. Refrigerated containers are equipped with stainless steel interior walls and aluminum or steel floors. Newer design dry containers have double doors.

Shipping containers can be used for multiple purposes, here are some examples:

  • Intermodal transportation – containers tanks can be moved by truck, rail or ship
  • Ground storage – ground level access for easy loading
  • Cold storage and transportation – temperature controlled refrigerated containers
  • Ventilation – containers tanks with additional vents for odorous cargoes
  • Insulation – insulated containers for sensitive products
  • Top loading – open top containers with removable tarpaulins tops
  • Over height cargoes – 9’6″ high cube containers for over height items
  • Over width and length – flat rack containers and platforms
  • Bulk cargoes – bulk containers with top loading and bottom door discharge
  • Liquids – tank containers for carriage of liquid food stuffs, chemicals and gasses